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The Adam Lambert Big Bang Challenge
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An Adam Lambert Big Bang Challenge
a b o u t
Glambert’s Big Bang Challenge is a five month challenge over which authors will write at least 25K and Artists will create Art/Vids/Mixes to go with it. Your fanfic must contain Adam Lambert as a main character, but the rest is up to you (pairing, storyline, setting, AU or not).

S c h e d u l e

Author and artist sign-ups begin: January 23, 2010
Author sign-ups close: March 6, 2010
Artist sign-ups close: May 1, 2010
First rough draft for writers and summary of story due: June 12, 2010
Artist story selection post: June 19, 2010
Rough drafts for writers and artists due: July 17, 2010
Posting schedule goes up: July 24, 2010
Posting begins: August 1, 2010

C o n t a c t
You can PM either gargoyles42 or writerndisguise or e-mail us at glambertsbigbang@yahoo.com if you have questions or comments.

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